Step 12: Let's Go For Card Slots Now.

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Take one of the side pieces of the bag, apply double-sided tape along the bottom of the piece and fold it in, sticking it down. This will make the slot more resistant to fraying.

Step 12: Let's go for card slots now.

How to DIY a fully functional wallet from a Starbucks paper bag! (41 Photos)

Just buy yourself a drink at Starbucks and use the paper bag to make your very own, surprisingly awesome wallet. It would be a great project for kids that never ever had a wallet!! Here’s how you can make your own paper bag wallet!

Things you’ll need:

- A craft knife
- Double-sided tape
- A paper bag (or other paper that wide enough to contain the largest note you have, and tall enough to fit the note after folding the bag into three equal parts)

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