Dog Grooming: How, Why, And When To Groom Your Pet

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Pet grooming isn't just for show. There are serious health benefits to making sure that your dog is clean and well groomed.
As well as this of course, dog grooming can be fun! It's an excuse to do something a little different with your best friend. It's something which, when handled correctly, doesn't need to be a chore at all...

Dog Grooming For Good Health
As well as making your dog look like a proper princess or a right dapper little gent, proper dog grooming is important for health reasons too. You should always make sure that your dog gets regular:
• Brushing - is very important, especially for dog breeds with longer hair. For all types of dog though, brushing helps remove dead hair and skin cells, dandruff, and general dirt from their coat.
• Teeth cleaning - bad doggie breath might be a difficult one to avoid for long, but good general dental hygiene is a must.
• Ear cleaning - this is vital for the good aural health of your pet. Always check to make sure there are no odd smells or build-ups in the ears when cleaning.
• Nail clipping - this should be done on a regular basis in order to prevent all of the varied ailments which can develop from badly cared-for paws.
You should take steps to introduce your dog to the concept of regular grooming sessions at a young age. Puppies who become accustomed to this sort of attention early on won't be bothered by it in later life, making your life all the easier.
While you're grooming your dog you can also use the occasion to check over their general health. Things like bald patches, ticks or fleas, as well as any sort of inflammation or problems they seem to be having can be identified early this way. This will make it more likely that you can resolve the problem quickly.

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