The Golden Heart Of Dobry Dobrev

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And while some give generously their miraculous blood, this men - the 100 year-old Bulgarian man Dobry Dobrev will give you a lesson in giving EVERYTHING. Born to Bulgarian parents in Bailovo (a small village near the capital Sofia) he loses his father in World War 1. In World War 2 a bomb falls near him and he loses nearly all his hearing. He marries has four children and lives a fairly normal life, but over the years he becomes detached of all things material and devotes to serve the Lord. In 2000 he donated all his belongings to the Orthodox church and moved in a small extension of the parish church in Bailovo. He then decided to raise even more funds. He did so by walking every single day to the capital (40 km away) where he begged. He has donated more than 80,000 Bulgarian leva (40,000 euros) to orphanages, churches and monasteries. Of these 80,000 BGN he donated 37,000 BGN to the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and became the biggest benefactor. He lives off his pension of €80 a month and claims this is more than enough for him. Nowadays he receives a lot of attention, but he says he wants to remove himself from the limelight and continue his work. When people found out where he lived and how, they started donating furniture, money and clothes, offered to move him to different homes, but he refuses. He makes his own clothes and claims what he has is more than enough for him.

He is one of Bulgaria's living saints and has been featured by major newspapers, journalists, removalists companies and different media outlets as an example of a real life hero.

The Golden Heart of Dobry Dobrev

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