The Golden Arm Of James Harrison

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After mentioning the Immortal HeLa, we should not go without telling the amazing story of the healing blood of James Harrison. The 78 year-old Australian man is truly fascinating. After undergoing a major chest surgery (for which he needed more than 13 litres of bloog), the then 14 year-old young man made a promise that when he turns 18 he will donate blood to give something back. After a few donations it was discovered that James has blood containing an unusually strong and persistent antibody called Rho(D) Immune Globulin. Rho(D) IG is given to Rh(D) negative mothers of unknown or Rh(D) positive babies during and after pregnancy to prevent the creation of antibodies to the blood of a Rh(D) positive child to prevent hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN). His blood plasma derivatives have since been given as treatment to one in ten pregnant women, saving more than 2.4 million babies. In his life James has donating blood 1000 times, which means once every three weeks for 57 years. His life is estimated at AUD$1 Australian dollars. He was also awarded Australian of the Year and won numerous other prizes and recognitions.

The Golden Arm of James Harrison

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