Height Of Insensitive Marketing: Shame On LensKart

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Lenskart needs to change their Lenses Through Which They View The World

How far can you go to market your product? Well, people have been crazy when it comes to marketing but I haven’t heard a company being so insensitive as Lenskart. Well, I have nothing against this company but I was shocked when I read a marketing message from this company right after the Nepal earthquake.

“Shake it off like this earthquake: Get any Vincent Chase Sunglass upto Rs.3000 for FLAT Rs. 500, by sending invites to 50 friends.”
Shake it off like this Earthquake? And who is really going to celebrate this with 50 friends? Shame on Lenskart. People do not celebrate such disaster. We try to help, sympathize and do our best to help everyone we can.

But the marketing people at Lenskart are so busy in their efforts that they forgot to put down their marketing lenses and look with their eyes for a moment.
On the other hand, they might learn something from Google, who has initiated “Person Finder” program to help the people suffering from the Earthquake.
We indeed live in the world where opposites exist.

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