Pollution Engulfing And Devastating Our Planet. A Wake Up Call Before It's Too Late! (22 Photos)

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As of 2013 there are 7.125 billion people on this planet. The going green movement has taken off in many American homes. This was once thought to be an environmentally way to build automobiles and shortly after entered into society. However, we can date the beginning as far as the 19th century, from President Roosevelt, to Henry David Thoreau, Rachel Carson, George Perkins Marsh and others. (who I don't know besides the president:-) These people were environmentalists who cared about the impact on the world, its ecology, health, and human rights. Today we have just reawakened the conservation of and respect for the earth.
Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 as an event to support the issues that deal with protecting the environment. It was founded by peace activist John McConnell who just wanted to honor and show peace to the earth. As it is reported that North America creates more waste than any other country in the world and we are running out of space to put it all. This is a major concern and we all should be mindful of it. Our lands are dying, our water contaminated, our food source is running low, our air has been so polluted, this is occurring all around the world, sickness and disease is inevitable. What can we do to get the balance back or is it so messed up there is no hope for us or for our children's future?

All I can say is what will we do when this hits our cities, our streets, our neighborhoods, our home? Let's do something to make a change.

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