Nicky Minaj---really?

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Nicky Minaj---really?

Playing dress up is not for kids anymore! Japanese cosplay on a budget (25 Photos)

Cosplay is a trend that the Japanese has mastered very well. We all use to pretend to dress up as a character from a movie, a book, a game or a TV show.

Well they have taken it to the extreme. Almost like a sport this love of costume and role-play has taken a front seat to the Asian favorite past time. From the fiction character Mr. Skygack, from "Mars" in 1908. This expensive Western hobby has people going all out on their costumes, everyone cannot afford this type of pleasure.

A 25-year old name Saengchart, has such a passion for cosplay that he decided to prove that he can emulate the same creativity but on a budget with things around the house. His first reveal was appearing like Piccolo from Dragon Ball, using colored towels from his job. (oops, sorry boss). So, he has gotten even better with his designs.

Enjoy the choices he has come up with. Although many were very creative, I wouldn't necessarily go out into public in them all but you can see for yourself. My favorite is actually the Coca-Cola bottle, very good!

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