Death, Reaper Perhaps? Either One, Both Are Scary

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Death, Reaper perhaps? Either one, both are scary

Ghosts, Spirits, Demons.... Believe or Not Believe? They're out there-- caught on camera. (13 Photos)

I personally love scary movies and ghost stories along with conspiracy theories. So when I came across stories such as these they didn't scare me but rather intrigued instead. I believe there are spirits among us and if you tap into the dark side of things (which I hope you never do) you will also find demons. So, a few people who found out that "they" do exist by catching them on camera have memorialized their figures, shadows and shapes. We may not be able to authenticate these photos but you have a choice to believe or not believe, but I sure do believe. Warning: Some pictures might be real spooky looking so proceed with caution.

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