Unable To Enjoy A Nice Sit In The Park, Scares The Locals Away!

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Unable to enjoy a nice sit in the park, scares the locals away!

The making of a new Hitchcock film. Creepy webs largely overtakes trees, bushes, land and property. Taking the peace from locals. (9 Photos)

Can you imagine strolling through the park and you come to see the beautiful greenery, lush and full of life. Every step you take you get closer to what looks strange. Your view from green starts to transform into this white grayish film that has trickled on pieces of leaves. You start to wonder are you still in summer or moved to winter, you’re confused of the seasons as you stare into a white covered grove. This nightmare happens in England at the Shipley Hall Fields, a small park in the Frizinghall area almost yearly.

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