Finally, The Honey From The Hive, The Sweet From The Lemon, Warmth From The Cold. Heartfelt Acts From Strangers Delivers The World A Message. Good Does Prevail! (48 Photos)

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As you turn on the TV we can guarantee to see bad news, chaos, fighting, war, abuse, and just plain evil. Everyday we come across some form of devastation whether small or large, personal or worldly you will find a problem. Rarely will we find any good thing showcased on social media. It's like driving by an accident and you can't help but to watch. We have been conditioned to enjoy trauma, issues and dysfunctions so much that anything good is unheard of.
Let these pictures remind you of how this motivating movement can change a life, possibly save a life. If everyone picked up this needed motion of benevolence we all can experience a little heaven on earth.

Well, we can say that a remnant of folks with just enough love could spread this positive seed that would eventually take root and grow. Sprouting a feeling of euphoria across the world with just one simple act of kindness.

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