Is Changing The Tag-line To Victoria's Secret Ad Enough To Change The Minds Of What A Perfect Body Image Is? (6 Photos)

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Bustier women, plus-size women are always neglected in the social media and social network. This is not new to the community of women who are not the typical smaller size. Whether your top-heavy or bottom-heavy, women of a voluptuous vessel get's no love. (Excuse my english:-) So, their are a few lingerie brands that have gone to bat for us, yes I am one of these vivacious beauties. Curvey Kate and Lane Bryant has ran positive lingerie ads for plus-size women. They have heard about Victoria Secrets, "Perfect Body" campaign and was disturbed. Victoria Secret thought it would be great to run an ad that focused on the BIG picture, the bust. We have seen it, many times while watching TV, the ad about having the perfect body, in those beautiful slimming bra and panty sets. Getting down to the mall to find out they don't have your size or at least the bottom half? Lane Bryant offers sizes 18-28, Curvy Kate they focus more on the bras, which ranges from D-K. However, Victoria Secret offers A-DDD, but you wouldn't know it by the marketing ads? Their ads evokes, like most social marketing,the make-shift of what a perfect body should look like.

So regardless of what the world thinks beauty is, whatever Victoria Secret, Curvy Kate or even Lane Bryant feels is the perfect body, remember to love who you are!

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