Restroom Guard?

4 year ago · Bobbie · 0 Comment
Not sure who this character is supposed to be. Is that a restroom in the background? Maybe this guy is just here to remind everyone not to make a mess in the latrine house.

Restroom guard?

Park in the U.K.: fuel for happy times or nightmares for your kids? (7 Photos)

What kid doesn't love a day at the park? I remember going to the local park as a child, playing on the different brightly colored playground pieces there. Most were based on popular children's characters of the day.

So what happened at this park in the U.K.? Are they just not keeping the park up, letting it slide into disrepair? Had the sculptor never seen the actual movie on which he based his characters? Maybe it's just me, but these sculptures just look a bit on the creepy side, in my opinion. Take a look for yourself, then decide if this is something you'd want your child playing on.

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