Body Scupting By People In Japan Has Gotten Absolutely Insane

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Many of the extreme body modifications people can have done are permanent procedures. Others are temporary. Body sculpting is apparently big in Japan, with a new fad called "bageling", or "bagel head" is growing in popularity. Is this a procedure you would consider? Take a look at these photos, then decide.

Bagel On The Head

If you want this "bagel head" look, you'll have to let someone inject medical-grade saline (about 300cc to 400cc) directly under the skin of your forehead. Then you mold the swollen area to achieve the extremely attractive look of a bagel or donut residing on the center of your forehead.

Seriously. We can't make this stuff up.
Bagel on the head

Words Can't Begin To Describe It.

You'll need about two hours of free time in order to complete the injection process. The highly attractive look that results will last about 24 hours before the body absorbs the saline. That means you'll have one whole day to experience looks from others that say, "What the hell happened to you?"
Words can't begin to describe it.

Origin Of The Species

This procedure was pioneered by Canadian body modification artist Jerome Abramovitch, so the process is actually native to Canada. It has found a home in Japan, however, and its popularity is growing. Not original to the island and growing rapidly because of no natural predators. Doesn't that make it an invasive species?
Origin of the species

It Has To Be Said....

Is it just me, or does this look more like the back end of one of those baboons with the blue butts?

I'm just saying....
It has to be said....
The good news is that the effect is temporary. Medical grade saline is harmless to the body, unless you get too much of it. The use of non-medical grade saline or non-sterile administration techniques could lead to serious problems, not the least of which is infection.
So you have to ask yourself: it the risk worth it to obtain a baboon butt on your forehead for a day?

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