How Much Is That Creep In The Window?

4 year ago · Bobbie · 0 Comment
Don't know who or what that is looking in the door but somebody needs to push the door really fast and bust a nose or something. Ghost, ghoul, or demon? Or just a creepo spying on people for kicks? We may never know.

How much is that creep in the window?

Photobombs or ghosts, ghouls and demons? 10 selfies that show more than expected (10 Photos)

Photobombs are nothing new, and with the advent of selfie sticks, it makes it easier to jump unexpectedly into your friend's picture. These 10 people weren't expecting to see what they saw in their photos, however. Are these just photobombs that turned out creepy, or are ghosts, ghouls, and demons jumping into the pictures now? Take a look at these photos,then you decide.

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