China's Execution Rate Is 3 Times That Of The Rest Of The World

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You do not want to find yourself in a Chinese prison. According to most estimates, and these are conservative at best, China carries out almost 3 times as many executions as all the other countries in the world, combined. That's according to Amnesty International's 2008 report. Some estimate the figure as high as 6000 or more. Exactly how many are executed is a "state secret".

One of the most widely used forms of execution is the death vans designed by Jinguan Motors. Executions are carried out on the road using these vehicles. The vans' makers claim the use of the vehicles and the injections carried out inside them are a civilized alternative to a firing squad. China's official position is that this form of execution is "more humane" and an indication of China's commitment to "human rights".

China's execution rate is 3 times that of the rest of the world

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