The Hereditary Of Albinism, A Rare Disorder That Reaches The Animal Kingdom; Strange Beauty (23 Photos)

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Let’s introduce the meaning of Albinism as being a genetic trait that loses full pigmentation or color humans or animals. We are also relating the gene to Leucism, (Leuc--latin, variant) which is the partial loss of pigmentation and this can show in only parts of the body such as the neck, legs, feathers, or some skin. Having any one of these genes is associated with the higher risk of skin cancer because the skin is not protected by the melanin from exposure of the sun.

The rare finds of albino animals are such a wonderful sight to see. Coming into the animal kingdom you’ll find several species that can take your breath away. As if placing them on an arc to preserve them would be the best in order to capture their beauty for life. In animals albinism is hereditary resulting in the loss of pigmentation. This affects mostly the eyes, however the skin, hair, scales and other parts are also affected. A melanin called albino which is an organism which is literally the culprit.

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