Martian Ants

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Martialis Heureka ant colonies are known as "Martian ants", is the last common ancestor of all ants--an underground feeders (subterranean forager) – direct descendants of their ancestors have been living underground, up to 120 million years ago, they only started activities on the ground after the evolution of flowering plants.

Martian ants

12 kinds of the world's oldest animals that also known as living fossils (13 Photos)

Some animals has been survived on the earth for millions of years, some of them may be horror, or intelligent enough to become a survivor from nature and predators.

Here is the 12 kinds of animals known as living fossils, the frilled shark, golden "Mars" ant and other ancient species animals, some of them remain almost no change over millions of years of evolution.

Perhaps these living fossils might still exist even after human extinction.

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