Think You Have A Big Appetite? These Food Challenges Will Make You Think Again (10 Photos)

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There are some people who watch what they eat in order to be healthier. And then there are some people who watch what they eat because what they are eating is so big there’s really nowhere else to look. The following restaurants have eating challenges you won’t believe.

A pizza challenge of a different variety. Pazza Bistro’s inferno pizza comes with jalapenos, habaneros and ghost peppers. You have to eat the whole thing in 20 minutes but hey, you’ll win free soda for life. Seems like a good deal. (No it doesn’t.)

This twist on the inferno challenge comes from Munchies 420 in Florida, where ghost peppers are used in the wing sauce.

The San Francisco Creamery Co. brings a little relief from all the hot food. Their kitchen sink challenge gives you 30 minutes to finish this eight-scoop sundae.

The Big Fat Fatty sandwich challenge at Fat Sal’s Deli. Named for the sandwich, or the competitors?

The Superb Sushi death roll challenge includes a bowl of ‘miso soup from hell.’ Probably tells you what you need to know.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including hypertension medication costs. This is the 72-oz steak from the Big Texan Steak Ranch.

If the 72-oz steak is a little too classy for you, try the Cowtown Diner’s full-o-bull challenge which is a 4 lb. chicken-fried steak, six lbs. of potatoes, and ten pieces of toast.

This is the kidz breakfast from Jester’s Diner. You probably don’t want to see the adultz breakfast, and not just because it’s British food.

Think you like sushi? How about six pounds of it at Sushi Delight with their famous Godzilla Roll.

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