Artistic Metal Scrapping In China--a Father And Son Team Creates Life Size Transformers (8 Photos)

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That old adage, "one man's junk is another man's treasure". This known truth has reached China where a father and son did just that. Yu Zhilin, just a simple farmer, with a fine art background and his son, Lu Yingyun collected spare car parts and recycled metal. Can you imagine an old horn or a busted Toyota bumper used to form the arms and legs of a ginormous model. What only took three years to produce, the finished product has quickly become a worldwide attraction. The famous Optimous Prime and his trusted Lieutenant Bumblebee are an awesome sight to see. Creative geniuses flows through their blood and this gift was liberated to share with the world. This beauty of old scrap metal is impressive and will become iconic. Amazing life size action figures would make every young boy excited to say the least, along with Transformers enthusiasts. China's obsession for Transformers has been taken from their normal habitats like the malls and galleries, to the world of cyber space. The Internet highway has now become their center stage. Their net worth is more than 1 million yuan ($160,000) a year.

Congratulations to these unconventional artists!

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