A Monumental First For The UK To Do A "balloon" Surgery On A Brave 9-year Old. Stretching The Skin Is Not New But It Can Look Strange. (5 Photos)

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Jessica Brett was born in the UK, a normal child who had a rare birthmark on half her head. This was not a publicity stunt but rather a call to arms if you will. The mark never moved Jessica from her confidence. However, if this young girl waited until she was older to deal with it, the mole could have become cancerous, and surgery would have become a higher risk. Taking care of this while still young was the best choice.

The First Balloon Implanted Underneath Jessica's Skin Getting Ready To Remove The Benign Mole

It may appear to be strange but we have been able to stretch our skin very naturally since the beginning of time. Pregnant mothers stretch their bellies for up to 9 months or longer, many cultures use plates and rods to stretch their lips or necks for religion or ritual reasons. We have used bone expansions in many instances to stretch the bone. Skin expansion has been around for over three decades and it continues to "stretch" its knowledge.
The first balloon implanted underneath Jessica's skin getting ready to remove the benign mole

The Balloons Are Removed And The Graft Took Allowing A Healthy Healing And New Hair Growth.

After enough skin was formed the doctors stretched it over the scarred tissue to line up to her hair line. This will ensure a proper and natural growth. Jessica handled this process with mature conviction. A very long journey to secure her bright future may add another wonderful character to this awesome 9-year old. Her parents were her backbone and support through it all. Not allowing the situation affect her she held her head up with strive. I can say that I am very proud of this girl.
The balloons are removed and the graft took allowing a healthy healing and new hair growth.
A story that could have ended in devastation to the Brett family had they not taken the advice from the experts, finished with high hopes. Jessica's bravery and strength can teach us all that no matter how the situation looks, you too can come out with a smile.

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