Shocking Discovery Made When Archaeologists Dig Up Ancient Chinese Mummy (6 Photos)

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When you're thinking mummies, you're probably like most of us and think Egypt and pyramids and King Tut. But apparently Egypt isn't the only place one can find a mummy hiding out.

While working road construction in China, workers uncovered an odd, solid structure. The underground building turned out to be the tomb of a perfectly preserved body. It was estimated that the body was over 700 years old. The body of a woman was essentially mummified, but was that the original intent? Or were her remains preserved through some weird accident?

Face Of Ancient China

The tomb consisted of three heavy layers. When the last layer was finally lifted, workers found themselves looking at a bizarrely preserved face almost completely submerged in a pool of water.
Face of ancient China

Ming Dynasty

The mysterious woman was laid to rest among silks, linens, and customary garb of the Ming Dynasty. While the exact timeline is difficult to determine, the evidence indicates the mummy is around 700 years old.
Ming Dynasty

Incredible Planning, Or Blind Luck?

The body was buried in a perfect environment. The brown water found in the casket was the perfect temperature and the precise amount needed to prevent bacterial growth and decomposition of the corpse. Researchers cannot determine if this was by design or just blind lunck.
Incredible planning, or blind luck?

Ming Dynasty High Fashion

The artifacts found with the mummy give researchers an in-depth look at the popular customs and favorite fashions of the Ming dynasty period in Chinese history. The study of the body is ongoing, with many questions still unanswered. For example, how did this woman die? The answer remains a mystery.
Ming Dynasty high fashion

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