Guess She Just Gave Up.

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Guess she just gave up.

Summer in China brings people to the beach, along with tons of garbage! Yuck! (15 Photos)

Hitting the beach in the summer. The pure sunlight, the fresh scent of the wind, the shining sand of the beach. That's the way we want it, anyway. But what we want and what we get are not always the same thing. Especially if we are talking a public beach.

Things can get bad if you have one or two litterbugs who come to the beach, throw their trash around, then leave it there for someone else to pick up. Visitors to Dameisha Beach Park in China would have been glad to put up with only one or two litterbugs. Instead, they got thousands! During last summer's Dragon Boast Festival, more than 480,000 tourists hit the beach for the three-day festival. The 362 tons....yes, TONS...of trash they left behind created one of the biggest, and smelliest, messes ever seen on the beach. The collection of pictures here tells the story.

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