Strange Facts, Weird Behavior, Bizarre Looks: These 12 Animals Have It All (12 Photos)

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When it comes to the animal kingdom, anything goes, it seems. From sounds heard miles away to spontaneous sex changes, these little-known facts were probably not discussed in that high school biology class you took.

No Race Horse

Seahorses won't be winning any Triple Crown titles anytime soon. They are the slowest fish in the ocean. And, in case you were wondering, they are the only male of any species to carry its unborn offspring.
No race horse

Rip Van Tortoise

This big boy hails from the Galapagos Island. He is a Galapagos tortoise, and he can expect to enjoy a lifespan of over 150 years. Not bad for a tortoise that can good without food or water for a complete year, and who sleeps 16 hours a day. Why live for 150 years if you're going to spend 75% of it sleeping?
Rip van tortoise

Hold It Down In The Peanut Gallery

These guys know how to cause a ruckus. These Howler monkeys are the loudest animal on Earth. Their hoops and howls can be heard a staggering 3 miles away.
Hold it down in the peanut gallery

Bloodless Stars

That's right: a starfish has no blood. There is actually seawater flowing through its veins. Gives a whole new perspective on the definition of what "alive" means.......
Bloodless stars

The Shifty Chameleon

Turns out that chameleons don't change color in order to blend in with their surroundings. They aren't trying to blend in to the background. Rather, they are displaying their emotions. So if a chameleon blushes red, he's either mad as hell or darned happy to see you.
The shifty Chameleon

Sooooo-eeee, Pig!

That's how you call up pigs in my neck of the woods. When they reply, you can hear their squeals before you see them coming. The mud lovers can squeal louder than a jet engine's roar, causing many a farmer to lose his hearing over the years.
Sooooo-eeee, pig!

Mr. Oyster? Miss Oyster?

How do you tell a male oyster from a female one? You don't look under their little oyster skirts to see the difference. In fact, the oyster may not be sure, uh...itself. Oysters will change their gender more than once over the course of their lives. They choose whichever gender is most advantageous for them at the moment. Wreaks havoc with the shoe collection.
Mr. Oyster?  Miss Oyster?

Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud

Blue whales like to sing. They're proud of their songs. So proud, they want to share them with the world around them. And at 155 decibels loud, their songs can travel up to 1000 miles underwater. Go big or go home.
Sing it loud, sing it proud

Not The Life Of A Wanderer

Clams are the original home-bodies of the ocean. No playboy lifestyle for these guys. When a clam finds the right spot on the reef, it settles in and never leaves for the rest of its life.
Not the life of a wanderer

Kentucky Derby, Here We Come!

The simple fact is that ostriches can outsprint a horse when its running at full speed. Not bad for a two-legged misfit that looks like a throw-back to a prehistoric time. I won't hold my breath waiting to see one entered in the Kentucky Derby, however.
Kentucky Derby, here we come!

It's A Life Choice

When a female clownfish is expecting, she doesn't have to worry about coming up with names for the girls. There won't be any. All clownfish are born male. All the Nemos are Nemos. No Nemettes. Some will later make the choice to become female but they have to make the transition on their own. The basic clownfish major medical policy doesn't cover gender reassignment.
It's a life choice

Fun In The Sun

If you're a hippo, you don't have to worry about tan lines, sunburn, or skin cancer. A hippo's tough hide manufactures its own sunblock, so hippos can enjoy endless sunbathing without having to reapply sunblock ever few hours.
Fun in the sun

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