What You See Is Not Always What You Get. Photographers Surprised By Freaky Photos. (16 Photos)

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We don't always get the picture we were planning. Some photo bombs are intentional and usually turn out pretty funny. Then there are these.....

Online photos that just don't make sense, or are posted with no explanation, leave the imagination to fill in the blanks as to what is going on. What's happening in these photos is as much your guess as it is mine. Take a look, and see what you think!

Freaky Fog

Why are you in the woods when its so foggy? Don't you know you're just begging for some creep to show up in the background of your photos?
Freaky fog

Is It The Tree, Or The Girl?

Again with the creepy fog pictures.....

Not sure which is creepier here - the little girl standing in the middle of nowhere looking all demon possessed or alien abductee waiting to happen, or the super weird tree that looks like its getting ready to devour the innocent little girl and take her soul to Hell for all eternity. You decide.
Is it the tree, or the girl?

The Eyes Have It

Ok, I get it. This is nothing more than the light from the camera flash reflecting in their eyes. So why is the foreground so dark? Why can't we see any of the features of their faces? Why can't we see details of their clothes? If the light is flashing and reflecting in their eyes, why can't we see the bark on the tree? Looks like the only light source is BEHIND them (the sun). So what gives with the eyes?
The eyes have it

Mickey Mouse Convention

A theater full of people wearing Mickey Mouse masks. That in itself is enough to strike terror into the heart of any mortal man.
Mickey Mouse convention

Dead Man Falls

Important safety tip: don't use velcro to stick the dead bodies to the ceiling. Go with duct tape, just to be sure.
Dead man falls

Native Shaman Vibe

Not sure what look we're going for here, but it sort of looks like a Native Shamanistic retro sort of vibe.
Native Shaman vibe


This glimpse into the future shows us that at least some of the post-apocalyptic survivors have the decency to advertise their radioactive status on their head billboards. Everything isn't all Mad Max and stuff.

Counting Sheep

Again with the flash reflecting in the eyes. But consider this: isn't it odd that every single one of these sheep, even those far away from the flash, have their eyes focused at JUST THE PRECISE ANGLE to reflect the light of the flash they didn't know was going to happen? Coincidence?
counting sheep

Children Have The Sight

What is this kid staring at? No baby is going to stand motionless and stare at a mobile in the middle of the night. No mobile is THAT fascinating.
Children have the sight

Beware Cold, Dark Things

Let's see....we have what looks like the upper torso of a human. There is definitely a hand with an arm attached. But where there should be a head and hair, there's....what the....?? You got me on this one. I have no idea. High marks on the creepy meter.
Beware cold, dark things

By The Pricking Of My Thumb...

...something wicked this way comes. Nice wedding. What up with the balcony behind the courtyard? Not the usual attire for caterers to a wedding reception.
By the pricking of my thumb...

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