Secret Shoppers, 1948

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Apparently shoplifting is as old as shopping. In 1948, Macy's hired in-store detectives to combat the theft of store goods. Life magazine did an article on the practice, and the "store detectives" agreed to be photographed but only if their identities could be kept secret. Was this the beginning of the Secret Shopper era?

Secret Shoppers, 1948

History shows the bizarre antics of our ancestors in 30 rarely seen photos (30 Photos)

Parents today wail about the bizarre antics of their children; from piercings to tattoos to teen taste in music. How easily they forget the strange undertakings of their own youth! They say history repeats itself; maybe that's the case, who knows? This collection of photos from days gone by do make a good case that it doesn't matter what era we are born in, young people will be who they are. Adventurous, bizarre, a little "out there", downright weird. And just remember: to your children and grandchildren, your old photos will be proof of how bizarre YOU were 'back in the day'.

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