History Shows The Bizarre Antics Of Our Ancestors In 30 Rarely Seen Photos (30 Photos)

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Parents today wail about the bizarre antics of their children; from piercings to tattoos to teen taste in music. How easily they forget the strange undertakings of their own youth! They say history repeats itself; maybe that's the case, who knows? This collection of photos from days gone by do make a good case that it doesn't matter what era we are born in, young people will be who they are. Adventurous, bizarre, a little "out there", downright weird. And just remember: to your children and grandchildren, your old photos will be proof of how bizarre YOU were 'back in the day'.

Flour Sacks In 1939

Flour mills packed their flour into printed sacks so poor families could use the fabric to make clothing. Just about everyone made their own clothing back then. Well, the women made the clothing for everyone in the family. Flour sack cloth was used for everything, from making clothing to quilting squares for blankets to feminine napkins. When the going gets tough, the tough improvise with what's at hand.
Flour sacks in 1939

Just Another Fish Story....

You should have seen the one that got away! This black sea bass was landed single-handedly by Edward Llewellen. Weighing in at 425 pounds, this monster still holds the world record.
Just another fish story....

Scandalous School Teacher In 1938

This notorious criminal is Helen Hulick. In 1938, Helen was a school teacher by trade. She witnessed a burglary, and did her civic duty by showing up to court to testify in the trial. She made one mistake: she wore pants to court. For this blatant display of civil disobedience, she was held in contempt of court and rotted in jail for five days. Oh, the shame of it all!
Scandalous school teacher in 1938

Who Turned Off The Water?

Niagara Falls was dammed up in 1969 so repairs could be made. Wait a minute...isn't Niagara Falls a naturally occurring landmark? What is there to repair? Why can't we trust Mother Nature to do her thing without always trying to butt in and "fix" something?
Who turned off the water?

Hobbits In Tanks

British soldiers show the German tanks they captured in WWII. Between 1939 and 1945, the Germans recruited Hobbits into the Nazi war machine, sending them in their little Hobbit tanks to sneak underneath the Allied tanks and blow them up from underneath. All of this was pre-Frodo, of course. The Hobbits eventually wised up, returned to the Shire, and swore to never go there and back again.
Hobbits in tanks

How Very Presidential

In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) got his jollies by punking guests that visited his lake house. He would drive the car into the water, with the unsuspecting guest unaware that the car was actually amphibious. Methinks Mr. President had too much time on his hands. And I hope that car wasn't paid for with taxpayer dollars. Is the man in the back Secret Service, or running for Homecoming Queen?
How very Presidential

Elephant Labor In 1945

The whole world was effected by WWII, in one way or another. Even elephants were dragged into it. Here, an elephant works to load an American supply plane.
Elephant labor in 1945

Sir Sean Connery

The original - and best - James Bond, Sir Sean Connery is seen on the set of "Dr. No", filmed in Jamaica in 1962. Connery is shown signing a coconut for an adorable little fan. Even Sir Sean could not resist that cuteness!
Sir Sean Connery

Creepy. Just Creepy.

If you lived in the 1920s and decided you wanted to learn to swim, but you didn't have a pool or ocean front property or a river or creek to go to, what were you to do? This photo shows the solution they came up with: a rather unique way of learning to swim. Question: if you don't have any water around where you can learn to swim, why do you need to learn to swim? It's not like you're going to fall into deep water and drown.
Creepy.  Just creepy.

War Is Hell

Things were bad in the Pacific in the war, 1941 - 1945. Not sure what's going on here, and don't really want to know.
War is hell

Secret Shoppers, 1948

Apparently shoplifting is as old as shopping. In 1948, Macy's hired in-store detectives to combat the theft of store goods. Life magazine did an article on the practice, and the "store detectives" agreed to be photographed but only if their identities could be kept secret. Was this the beginning of the Secret Shopper era?
Secret Shoppers, 1948

Boys And Their Toys

New South Wales. 1936. Police. Chariots. Motorcycles. Put them all together, and this is what you get. I have no words for this.
boys and their toys

How Risque!

In 1930, if you wanted to show the world how raunchy you could be, you signed up for the local ankle competition. Yep, ankles. Anonymous ankles. Shoot me now....
How risque!

Sweden, 1967

Apparently things were getting a bit dull in Sweden in 1967. So, to spice things up a bit, the Swedish government decided to switch the side of the road they drove on. As you can see from this photo, that worked out really well for them.
Sweden, 1967

That's Gonna Leave A Mark

Think getting hit by a baseball hurts? Try getting clobbered by a meteorite. That's what happened to Ann Hodges in 1954. With her doctor, Moody Jacobs, she shows off the massive bruise left by the impact. Ann is one of the few who have been struck by a meteorite. Now THAT is a claim to fame!
That's gonna leave a mark

Looks Like World War I Era.

Not sure of the date on this photo but the helmets look like World War I era issue. No, these guys aren't getting gassed. They're peeling onions. As everyone knows, that can make your eyes sting and burn and tear. So these guys made use of the government issue equipment they were given. Looks strange but it is effective for the job at hand. So let's hear it for American ingenuity!
Looks like World War I era.

Beyond Bizarre

Picture a hotel somewhere in 1956. Fill that hotel with chiropractors. Give them an x-ray machine. What do they come up with? Let's have a "Miss Perfect Posture" contest! Expose yourself to radiation and you could win a trophy! We'll even put your skeletal imagery up for the world to see. By the way, the lady on the left has a large gas bubble in her stomach. Maybe that's why she's smiling the way she is. Surprising that none of these ladies is blonde.....
Beyond bizarre
Moral of the story: be careful what you post on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and Twitter. Those photos of you may end up being ridiculed on a website like this one day. You've been warned.

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