Creative Dog Owner Shows Off His Bull Terrier With Silly Illustrations (14 Photos)

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He got to keep the house in the divorce, but Brazilian illustrator Rafael Mantesso saw his now ex-wife leave with all the furniture. All Rafael had left was an empty house with white walls and a white bull terrier named Jimmy Choo. With nothing better to do, Mantesso began painting and drawing again. Not to be ignored, Jimmy Choo got into the picture - literally.

Mantesso draws the design then poses Jimmy so that he becomes part of the illustration. A simple "stay" command and the rest is, uh, art! Mantesso says that it can sometimes get messy when working with Jimmy, but the dog is an obedient model, at least. He had a pitbull as a pet when he was young but the dog died. After that, Mantesso says he always wanted a bull terrier. He admires the breed, he says, for their abundance of personality and the love they give their owners.

Mantesso thinks of Jimmy Choo as his best friend and is offended when people react to the dog in fear, based on stereotypes of the breed. His illustrations with Jimmy are just a hobby for now, he says, but he says he is getting some requests for his work. Where it goes from here, he's not sure, stating, "We will see."

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