Five-year-old Boy Falls To His Death At Vietnamese Kite Festival

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No mother should have to bury her child. But that's what a Vietnamese mother has to do after witnessing the horror of her child plunging to his death. Van Minh Dat, a 5 year old boy who was helping his mother with her drinks stand at a Vietnamese festival in Ho Chi Minh, died after falling sixty feet to the ground. The festival featured the launching of a giant kite, and the boy's legs became entwined with the string as the kite lifted off.

The crowd of festival goers could do nothing but scream and stare in horror as the young child was dragged approximately sixty feet into the air.

Precious seconds ticked by as the crowd, including the boy's aunt, watched helplessly on the ground. The giant kite was launched by the Saigon Kite Club and had a massive span of 49 feet. Witnesses reported the kite had been launched unsuccessfully a couple of times previously, being brought down by weather described as "erratic".

The young child was flung into the air before the string entangling his leg snapped, dropping him to the ground. Although he survived the fall, his injuries would claim his life while being transported to a hospital.

This video shows the horror of a precious life being lost at a kite festival in Vietnam.

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