What's Happening At The Beach? You Have To See It To Believe It!

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Argentina is known for its big city playground and its beautiful beaches. But are sunbathers in string bikinis - or no bikinis - the only attraction you can find on an Argentinian beach? Patagonia, the far less inhabited region of southeastern Argentina, is more famous for its dinosaur bones and desolation than fun times in the warm sand. Take a look at what a drone recently caught on video while doing a flyover of the region.

Just A Beach, Like Any Other....

This looks pretty much like an average shoreline that can be found most anywhere that Argentina meets the Atlantic Ocean. Seen from high above, it is easy to see that this is a beautiful, pristine beach. But swoop in a bit lower, and something else comes into focus.
Just a beach, like any other....

Mated Pairs

All together, there are about 5,300 mated pairs of Cormorants nesting on the beach. Their nesting area takes up about 22,000 square feet of prime waterfront property.
Mated pairs

This video was shot by a drone cruising over the coast of Patagonia. These Cormorants, a breed of seafaring birds, are seen all lined up, nice and neat, while sitting on their eggs. If you do the math, that comes to 10,600 individual birds, plus the babies. This massive amount of birds is just one colony of Cormorants.

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