23 Visually Pointless Architectural Elements And Mistakes (24 Photos)

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You have probably noticed most architects banging their chest and claiming they are the best of the best. Well here are some shocking examples of bad architecture and stupid building mistakes that definitely need urgent repair and prove my statement that there are so many incompetent architects.

That's Green

Nowadays green architecture is first priority to every architect but this is a way too much.
That's Green

Dangerous Enough

A brand new bridge is a better idea. These renovation methods couldn't save this one.
Dangerous Enough

Toilet In The Kitchen

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you the latest trends in home design and renovation. Toilet in the kitchen with a bonus sink above it.
Toilet in the Kitchen

Close Enough

Meeting in the middle is the most important part of building a bridge, but according to them maybe not.
Close Enough

Extreme Garage

This garage is smartly designed to meet your needs in the distant future when cars will be flying.
Extreme Garage

ATM For Dwarfs

This seems like a quite comfortable position. That is, if you are not a woman wearing a skirt.
ATM for Dwarfs
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