These 10 Ordinary Items You Use Every Day Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet! (10 Photos)

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Think you keep your home and environment clean? Think your floors are clean enough to eat off of? Think your bathroom is so clean it shines? How would you feel is you found out there are 10 other common items with which you come in contact every day that are dirtier than the average toilet seat. Think about that next time you answer the call of nature and have a few minutes of time on your hands when you can just sit and ponder the ways of the world.

Your Purse

Your purse is a breeding ground for all the bacteria you come in contact with day in and day out. Everytime you stick your hand in, you add more to the pot and pull out some to spread around. If you don't believe that, do your own research. Find our for yourself; just don't stick your hand in your purse while you're researching!
Your purse


Think about it: you have no idea where that money has been before it comes to you. On average, there are over 200,000 different bacteria crawling around on that Benjamin.

Your Mattress

Anyone who's ever had to move knows how heavy a mattress can be. Would you be so willing to move it around if you knew that it doubled in weight over the last ten years because of accumulating dead skin cells and dust mite feces? Uh....TMI, man.....TMI
Your mattress


For some reason, I have no problem believing that carpet is 4000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. No problem believing that at all.

Restaurant Menus

Think about this for a moment: have you ever seen restaurant staff washing down the menus? Restaurant menus are reported to have an average of 100 times more bacteria than the average toilet. Makes sense, if you think about it. You don't know where the hands that held the menu before you have been.
Restaurant menus

Cell Phones

Those lovely little gadgets we can't live without are riddled with colonies of bacteria. On average, a cell phone has 10 times more bacteria than your toilet seat.
Cell phones


Keyboard at work. Keyboard on laptop at home. Both are breeding grounds for bacteria. In fact, a keyboard can house up to 200 times more bacteria than you'll find on your toilet seat.

Restaurant Ice

Yes, you read that right. Ice. It was discovered that 70% of the ice you're served in restaurants is actually dirtier than your toilet water.
Restaurant Ice

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