Survival Is Tough But This Ugly Bird Does It With A Unique Trick. Pretty Smart!

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Charles Darwin gave us the term, "Survival of the fittest". It is a tough world out there, and Darwin's observation plays out all over the world, every day. To make it to adulthood, baby animals have to develop ways to LOOK strong, even if they aren't.

The Amazonian Cinereous Mourner has come up with a way to survive the bigger birds that come looking for a snack. Mourner babies do their best impersonation of an extremely poisonous caterpillar. Predators recognize the orange-yellow hair and stay away.

Baby Bird In Disguise

This baby Amazonian Cinereous Mourner is covered with bright yellow feather barbs. That bright color doesn't really blend into the jungle backdrop, so the birds have developed a clever way to disguise themselves when momma isn't around to protect them.
Baby bird in disguise

Deadly Caterpillar, Or Tasty Morsel?

When momma isn't standing guard, the baby birds will put on their best show, mimicking the natural squirming movement of the caterpillar. Mother only feeds them once an hour to make sure they aren't too active and drawing attention to themselves.
Deadly caterpillar, or tasty morsel?
The Amazonian Cinereous Mourner takes over 20 days to mature, so they had to develop an effective disguise to protect their young. This particular defensive disguise is called "Batesian mimicry." That roughly translates into acting like you're the baddest cat in the alley when you're really just another little mouse.

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