Poor Puppy Got Multiple Stings After Snapping At A Beehive

6 year ago · NYC · 1 Comments
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A puppy got multiple stings after snapping at a beehive. Most bloggers felt sorry for him and some other can't hold the laugh looking at the innocent dog with such a big face. Let's hope the poor puppy recovers quickly.

According to the dog owner from Guanxi, China. He heard his dog continuous barking followed by a soft whimpering.

He found the dog under a tree with a beehive. The bees were gone and he had no idea what was happened just now until he saw his dog face become bigger and bigger after few minutes.

He felt so sorry about the dog, at the same time he find it kind of funny for it's big face.

The dog was fine and recovered after 3 - 4 days. Perhaps he learned the lesson and never mess up with beehive next time.

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