She Asked People From Around The World To Show What They Believe Beauty Is By Editing Her Photo. (15 Photos)

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In a world where looks prevail over inner-beauty, it's no wonder why Photoshop is increasingly popular. The magic of internet makeovers has taken on its own personal demons. Its one thing to want to improve on an area that may be blemished somewhat but to transform oneself for the approval of others is NOT the way to go.

Maria Southard Ospina chose to do an experiment in cyberspace using Photoshop from her unedited photo to how the world thinks she could improve. So let's see how the world defines beauty. This should not shock you.

Although this experiment was fun to watch and the transformations used by Photoshop was pretty cool, let's not forget that we need to teach the youth and some old, to not look for perfection, outward gratification or the acceptance of others. But rather embrace their blemishes, their flaws and their imperfections in order to learn how to love their inner and outer self. We don't need another generation of Narcissistic beings. So let's teach self-acceptance.

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