How Kids Had Fun "Back In The Day" Before The Internet (21 Photos)

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"Kids today don't know how to have fun!" Have you ever heard an adult say something like that? Most kids today can't even imagine a world without the internet, much less a world with no smart phones or iPods. But for some "vintage people", it seems like only yesterday that kids went outside to play, used nothing more than imagination to entertain themselves, and used whatever was at hand as their toys and props.

This collection of old photos will give you insight into how things were for your ancestors "Back in the Day".

An 1892 Swing Set

A street lamp post and a length of rope was all that was needed to make a swing in 1892. This could provide hours of fun for the neighborhood children.
An 1892 swing set

Playing With Dolls In 1912

Little girls never grow tired of playing with dolls. These girls play with a Campbell Soup doll in a stroller around 1912.
Playing with dolls in 1912

Curious Minds Cross All Generations

A young boy of 1913 carries a butterfly net. Combine the net with an open field and a sunny day, and you have all the ingredients for a fascinating several hours.
Curious minds cross all generations

Toys Imitating Life In 1919

A steamboat powers its way up the river at Rising Sun, Indiana, in 1919. Along the way, the riverbank is dotted with children playing with toy steamboats in the shallows.
Toys imitating life in 1919

Harlem, NY, 1935

A neighborhood game of leap frog took place in the streets. The more frogs to leap, the better!
Harlem, NY, 1935

When Skateboarding Was Free

A young boy jumps his skateboard in 1976. No helmet, no knee pads, no elbow pads. Just a kid and his skateboard and the freedom of the open road.
When skateboarding was free

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