If You Have $3 And 30 Minutes, You Can Build Your Own Egg Incubator (14 Photos)

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Prior to building this very cheap and very easy incubator, please note that it’s being assumed you know how to incubate eggs or have at least done some research on the process. Researching how to build an incubator isn’t your first step, right? Hopefully. If you’ve got the know-how for hatching your own chicks, then all you need are the steps for building your own incubator, and here they are.

What you’ll need: a Styrofoam box, a light bulb socket that will plug into a standard extension cord, an incandescent light bulb, 10-40 watts (the bigger the box, the higher the watt you’ll need), wood to build a frame, screen to wrap across the frame, thermometer plus humidity gauge, and a shallow bowl to hold water.

Step 5: Here’s where you put it all together. Place the water bowl into the Styrofoam box, near where the lightbulb will be. Put the wooden frame in next, then the lightbulb and thermometer. Your fertile eggs will go in the remaining space.

If you’d like to keep an eye on your eggs, take the glass out of an old picture frame, cut a hole in the lid slightly smaller than the glass, then tape the glass in place as a viewing window.

A few quick incubation tips. For the 21-day incubation period, you’ll want to maintain a temperature of between 99 and 102 degrees F, and a humidity level of 40-50% for the first 18 days and 60-70% for the last three. And be sure to turn your eggs several times each day.

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