Ah! Relaxing At The Beach - Sun, Surf, Sand, Bikinis, Then THIS Happens! (24 Photos)

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On the Dutch side of St. Martin island in the Caribbean, tourists find a beautiful beach that attracts visitors from all over the world. Gorgeous sand, bright sun, crystal surf, amazing women in bikinis. This place has it all! At least, that's what you'll think until the shadow of a low-flying airplane blocks your sun!

No, That's Not A Shark In The Water

That's the shadow of an airplane on its approach landing to Runway 10 of the Princess Juliana International Airport. At a length of about 7500 feet, the runway doesn't give the pilot a lot of room to get that massive plane stopped. This forces the pilot to come in as low as possible on his approach, touching down on the runway as soon as possible. Good for the passengers. Not so much for the sun bathers on the beach.
No, that's not a shark in the water

Maho Beach Is The Place To Be For Plane-spotters

Though it looks like there could be a crash any minute, the jets manage to keep their distance from the beach-goers and tourist types. Maho Beach is actually a favorite vacation spot for those who want something a little different in their Caribbean experience. And you have to admit, some of the views are spectacular!
Maho Beach is the place to be for plane-spotters
So if you've done the average beach vacation and want to try something with a little more "kick" to it, you might set your sites to the Caribbean. Maho Beach with its airplane show might be just the thing you're looking for!

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