Ancient Mayan Dentistry Created Amazingly Beautiful Smiles Without Modern Tools Or Pain Killers (5 Photos)

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The ancient Mayans were a dominant, formidable civilization in modern-day Central America prior to the arrival of the Europeans. From the amazing architecture of their pyramids to the advances they made in astronomy and mathematics, the Mayans were an accomplished people with a unique culture all their own. While many of their accomplishments are well known and have been exhaustively researched, one such field of Mayan expertise is little known. But once you see the pictures included here, you'll carry with you an appreciation of the artistry of the ancient Mayans who performed this amazing cosmetic dentistry.

Could it be the popularity of gold capping on our teeth or the modern removable dental "grill" are just history repeating itself?

Gemstones Inset Into Teeth

Mayan dentists saw their patients not just for fillings or to have a worrisome tooth pulled. There was apparently a widespread practice of insetting precious and semi-precious gemstones into the teeth of Mayans wishing to brighten up their smiles. This example appears to show green jade inset into the front teeth.
Gemstones inset into teeth

The Result May Have Been Considered The Height Of Fashion But It Was Not Without Its Price.

The process of insetting the gemstones into the drilled holes was apparently accomplished using a hand-held drill. The drill bit was most likely fashioned out of obsidian. The dentist would make a small hole in the front of the tooth, then use his hand-drill and friction to bore out the hole where the gemstone would be seated. A natural glue sealed the gemstone into place. This was all accomplished without the benefit of modern anesthesia or pain-killers.
The result may have been considered the height of fashion but it was not without its price.

Jade To Jasper

Various gemstones were apparently used in the process; most likely whatever struck the fancy of the client. Though it may seem primitive by today's standards, the procedure was quite advanced for its day.
Jade to jasper

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