Some Vegetables Are Having Identity Crises (28 Photos)

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When is a vegetable not a vegetable? When it thinks it is something else. If plants have a consciousness, as some people believe, then why couldn't a plant be confused about who it is? Just like some people ask the age-old questions of "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" and "Where did I leave the remote?", so our vegetable brothers and sisters could be wondering the same thing.

Here's a collection of 28 veggies who are going through an identity crisis. Either that, or they're just a bunch of little weirdos waiting for someone to have them for dinner.

The Rare Demon Tomato.

These rare vegetables ripen only on Halloween. They must be used as projectiles to smash against the homes and cars of unsuspecting strangers. Using them for any other purpose is illegal and subject to imprisonment.
The rare Demon Tomato.

And Now, For All You Vegans Out There...

the Easter Tomato Bunny carefully hides brightly colored yellow eggs for the traditional Easter vegetable dig. They're Vegans. They don't hunt. They dig up veggies. Do I have to explain everything?
And now, for all you Vegans out there...

The New Hand Of The King.

If you follow "Game of Thrones", you'll get this reference. And as quickly as characters die off in that HBO series, you'll know there's a new Hand coming next season. If you don't follow "Game of Thrones", then nevermind. Just keep scrolling.
The new Hand of the King.

Poor Squidward!

He just found out his new girlfriend has been posing in the centerfold of "Play Squid"
Poor Squidward!

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