Have Fun At Work With Quirky Office Products (29 Photos)

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Going to the office every day. Doing the daily grind for an hourly wage or weekly salary. Day in, day out, never changing routine. Sound familiar?

You can spice up your daily chore with just a few inventive and quirky office products. Something to help you relax, make you smile, get you up-beat and more productive. Here's 29 suggestions that could work for you!


Looks like the Play-doh I played with as a child. Not a bad idea except that whatever it picks up from the keyboard gets stuck in the goo. Now what do you do with it?

About Time!

I don't know about you, but I've drowned my share of keyboards in my lifetime.
About time!

Say What??

This is way too cool. Got. To. Have. This.
Say what??

Call Me Picky, But....

...how can you have a staple-less stapler? That's what this is supposed to be. If it doesn't use staples, then it can't be a staple -ER. Just saying.
Call me picky, but....


People who would actually use this are kind of scarey.

Strap Lunch To Your Hands.

This way, you don't have to worry about co-workers stealing your lunch out of the break room refrigerator.
Strap lunch to your hands.

Deceptive And Discreet.

Put this little guy under your desk where you can discreetly tap your foot on it. It will hide your game screens when the boss is sniffing around.
Deceptive and discreet.

There's An App For That.

This device will let you know by flashing lights in your eyes whenever your posture begins to fail. Just what you need - more flashing lights in your face at work.
There's an app for that.

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