How Far Will You Go To Be Beautiful? Check Out These Bizarre Beauty Products. (16 Photos)

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Beauty is an ever changing mistress. People all over the world will go to great lengths to be beautiful, to preserve their beauty, or to change features they don't consider beautiful enough. Cosmetic companies have been more than happy to come up with exotic and outlandish products designed to make you beautiful while separating you from your hard-earned money.

We Have To Now Train Our Smiles?

I always thought a smile came naturally. But apparently I was wrong; we should be training them to make a perfectly upturned crescent.
We have to now train our smiles?

OMG! Just...OMG!

Ok, here's the deal: if I have to put human baby foreskins on my face to keep it from aging, then I'm going to be one wrinkled up old human. You DO know where foreskins come from, right? OMG!
OMG! Just...OMG!

This Should Be For Men Who Snore.

The Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt is touted as a device that smooths out those fine smile lines by trapping in heat while you sleep. Looks way too medieval for me.
This should be for men who snore.

This Is Just Wrong On So Many Levels.

Can you guess what this is? No, it is not a pattern for female home bikini wax products. This Propia Hige Japanese Fake Beard Set was supposedly designed for men who have difficulty growing facial hair. Take another look at it. Yes, your mind goes there, too, I know it does.
This is just wrong on so many levels.

Perfume Candy.

Deo Perfume candy. Are you supposed to eat it or smear it behind your ear and on your wrists?
Perfume candy.

Bull Semen? Are You Kidding Me?

This hair treatment, found in the UK, is hyped to the public as a protein-rich way to condition your hair. Yes, you heard it right: bull semen hair conditioning treatment. My question is this: who collects the bull semen?
Bull semen?  Are you kidding me?

Work Those Lips!

We're told we have to exercise everything on a regular basis, so why not exercise the lips? They're muscles, too, you know. This Mouth Exercise Face Slimmer Mouthpiece is just what you need to work up that perfectly controlled pouty lip. As long as you don't mind looking like a ridiculous clown while you're doing it.
Work those lips!

Every Body Part Needs A Professional Trainer.

This contraption is supposed to be an Eyelid Trainer that gives you the Western look of "double eyelids". I thought lizards and alligators were the only creatures with double eyelids.
Every body part needs a professional trainer.
Just imagine it: surround your face with the corset, strap on the wrinkle smoothing gag contraption, shove the straightener up your nose, and dye the "down there" hair neon blue. What could possibly be more alluring?

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