These Guys Want To Teleport Your Eyes (9 Photos)

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Imagine suddenly having access to three entirely new points of view you’ve never been privy to before. Also imagine having a reason to wear a giant cardboard thing on your head. Yes, the Eyeteleporter truly is the best of both worlds.

Here we see the Eyeteleporter being worn to give the way-above-the-head vantage point.

Worn like this, the Eyeteleporter gives you the vantage point your belly would have if it could see.

The Eyeteleporter can function as a periscope. Maybe don’t do this unless you’re confident your neighbors will not call the police on you.

See where the ceiling is? Now picture it on the floor. This view from the Eyeteleporter is up high, upside-down and backwards.

The Eyeteleporter was invented by Juste Kostikovaite, who has successfully funded the production of the Eyeteleporter through Kickstarter.

Bonus: if someone in your household is wearing the Eyeteleporter, he may not be able to see the plate of delicious pastries in front of him. Swoop in!

Wearing a Big Bird-ish version of the Eyeteleporter, a woman watches her hands operate from an angle she’s never seen before.

These people have truly mastered the art of looking casual while wearing a gigantic cardboard periscope.
Eyeteleporter inventer Juste Kostikovaite has even more eye teleportation plans, and his next idea involves a scooter. Gutenberg would be proud.

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