The Mysterious High-tech Bronze Sword Made 2000 Years Ago Has Been Discovered In Terracotta Pits (5 Photos)

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Following by the digging of the World famous "the eighth wonder of the world" - Terracotta Pits 2, a high-tech sword has been discovered, it's one of the great archaeological discoveries of this decade.

Archaeologists Vernier, found the eight-sided surface error of less than a single hair, has 19 bronze swords, sword cases unearthed. These bronze swords inside dense, body gloss, delicate blade grinding grain, texture I came into a jagged, they slept for more than 2000 years in loess, while still look like new, very sharp.

【越王勾践】The Sword Owned By A King During The Zhou Dynasty

While cleaning up the pit, archaeologists found a bronze sword was bowed down with a respect for the 150 kilograms of terracotta figures, their bent over 45 degrees, when people moved away after the Terra cotta, surprising miracle happened: the narrow and thin bronze sword, bounced straight in an instant, natural recovery. Modern metallurgist's "shape memory alloys", has appeared in more than 2000 years ago in ancient tombs.
【越王勾践】The sword owned by a king during the Zhou dynasty

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