Artist Natalie Fletcher's Body Painting Will Blow Your Mind! (11 Photos)

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Budding artist Natalie Fletcher didn't originally plan to use human bodies as the canvas for her art. Fresh out of art school, she took a chance on a job in Bend, Oregon, that called for a body painter. Her talent got her the job and discovered a passion for body painting. Eventually her talent and hard work paid off, gaining her national exposure on GSN's SKIN WARS.

Samples of her art work, displayed here for your enjoyment, will blow your mind! Using nothing more than contrasting color, she creates the optical illusions that make the mind say, "Amazing!" Enjoy the brilliance of Natalie Fletcher!

Gives a new meaning to the term "Black Hole"! This optical illusion is actually the smooth, flat back of the model. Amazing!

The eyes are fooled into believing there is depth to this art work. Fletcher's use of shading and contrast is phenomenal.

In nature, using color to blend into the background is called camouflage, and is a tool used for protection. Fletcher uses her paints and talent to camouflage human bodies into the surroundings. Fletcher combines the innate beauty of nature with the diverse beauty of the human form.

Fletcher is as much at home painting indoor camouflage scenes as she is celebrating the beauty of the outdoor environment. Can you find the model camouflaged against the wine shelves?

Fletcher also uses her body painting to bring to life such iconic figures as a classic totem pole. This is actually four models forming the totem. Truly mind blowing art!

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