The Odd But Easy Trick To Turning Your Egg Inside-Out (9 Photos)

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Eggs are easy, delicious and nutritious. But are they cool? Unless they’re smothered in Hollandaise, eggs generally aren’t that cool. They could be, though. Even without a calorie-laden sauce. With just a few items like clear tape, a pair of stockings, and some nifty centrifugal force, you can have yourself an inside-out boiled egg, with yolk on the outside and the white on the inside.

Assemble the items you’ll need: at least one egg, a pair of stockings or tights, a flashlight, clear tape, a couple of twist-ties.

To start, hold the flashlight under your egg. Your egg should be glowing.

Wrap the entire egg in clear tape to hold the shell together during the egg-reversing process.

Insert the egg into the middle of one of the legs of the stockings.

Knot the egg in place in the stockings by securing a twist-tie on either side.

Spin the egg quickly for several minutes.

You’ll probably hear a vibrating sound coming from the egg as it spins. This is the yolk moving outside of the white.

After you’ve finished spinning, hold the flashlight under the egg again. It should be much darker now.
All you have to do now is boil your egg as you normally would – though you’ll want to keep the tape on. After it’s boiled, place the egg in a bowl of ice water for a minute, then peel and enjoy your inside-out egg! (If your egg is all yellow instead of inside-out, spin the egg longer next time.)

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