Some Animals Take Defense Mechanisms To Strange Levels (10 Photos)

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Defense is a very important part of any sport, and it is absolutely necessary for survival in this world of ours. Some animals have speed and can simply run away. Some have camouflage and can hide. Others must rely on different methods - some of them as strange as they are beautiful.

Taking One For The Team

Ants function as part of a colony, and when one of these guys believes his time is up, he takes one for the home team. These ants produce a toxin that can harm their attackers, and they can cause their bodies to implode to release that toxin in an explosive blast.
Taking one for the team

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You....

The Motyxia Sequoiae is an odd looking creature, even when not feeling threatened. When a predator does approach, it gives a warning by glowing. If that doesn't deter the attacker, the toxins it can release should do the trick.
Don't say I didn't warn you....

Fresh Frozen Frog Legs

The wood frog has developed a most unusual way to survive in the cold environment of its home. Not to be beat by Mother Nature, the frogs are able to freeze themselves, after preparing a suitable den, in which to ride out the winter.
Fresh frozen frog legs

Find Me If You Can

The softshell turtle spends 95% of its life buried in sand with only its eyes visible. While it doesn't have the hard shell of its relatives for protection, its expertise at hiding makes up for the difference.
Find me if you can

Playing 'possum

In the Southern United States, everyone has heard the phrase, "playing 'possum". This is a reference to the practice of the native opossums of "playing dead" when threatened. The opossum will feign death, lying limp and apparently lifeless, in the hopes that the threatening predator will go away.
Playing 'possum

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