A Model Wearing A Facekini Poses For CR Fashion Book

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A model wearing a facekini poses for CR Fashion Book

Face-Kini, a strange swimwear origin by the local housewives at the beaches in China surprisingly hits the latest fashion trend in France (6 Photos)

Face-Kini was initially started by the local housewives and the middle-aged women at the beaches in Qingdao, China. Face-Kini is sort of mask made of fabric similar to the material of your swimsuit. This weird mask covers their head and reveals only their eyes, nose, and mouth to protect themselves from UV rays.

Those strange looking outfits actually attracted eyeballs of curious and critics in the beginning. As soon as more and more people put the mask on, it has become no longer a strange but trendy phenomena at the beaches.

No one expected that Face-Kini even become the latest international fashion trend in France.

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