8 Disturbing Statues That Will Turn Your Stomach And Touch Your Heart (8 Photos)

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Blending human features with those of other animals is an artistic tradition with deep historical roots (just think of the Ancient Greek Minotaur, or the Egyptian Sphinx). The work of sculptor Liu Xue continues in this vein, but in a way never seen before.

His one-of-a-kind style seamlessly weaves together elements of humor, disgust, and vulnerability to depict characters which evoke an unsettling range of emotions in the viewer. Xue's work caricatures ordinary physical "imperfections" of humankind, but also incorporates most extraordinary non-human attributes. Some of these human-animal associations are intuitive (such as an emaciated man on the body of a greyhound), while others feel oddly mismatched (such as a morbidly obese man with the body of a seahorse).

Interpreted in the context of the statues' facial expressions, I think such animal qualities can be seen as reflections of the diverse ways in which these characters have come to cope with their outward appearances. For example, one of the obese men has come to see himself as a swine- an animal commonly regarded as filthy and gluttonous; while another equally-obese man sees himself instead as a peaceful, Buddha-like toad. Viewed in this way, Xue's statues become imbued with personalities that are lifelike and eerily moving.

These works of art may not be "beautiful" in any conventional sense of the word, but they are certainly no less worthy of appreciation.

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