Is This A Bathroom Floor Or Starry Night Sky? (10 Photos)

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When thinking of a typical bathroom - you think sink, toilet, shower, and horrible lighting especially when you have to get up during the middle of the night to use it. This one guy in particular came up with a very creative idea on how to set up lighting in his bathroom, where his eyes wouldn’t have to rapidly adjust to a bright light. The guy decided he wanted to create a starry night scene by using fiber optics on the bathroom floor. It really looks like a starry night sky once he finished! Absolutely amazing.

Shows where the fiber optic cables are laid and where they end

Displays how the fiber optic cables were laid out in designing a starry night themed floor

Recommends that you keep the light source entirely out of the bathroom

Reveals all of the fiber optic cables and where exactly tiles should be laid

When wanting to create a star, take and lift a fiber out of the bundle

Displays the finished and sealed tiles as well as instructing to cut the fiber optic cables and then connecting them to an outside light source
The whole redoing of the bathroom floor to create such an amazing effect seems like just a thought to some, but to this artistic guy, he took his creative thoughts and turned them into reality. It just shows that artists emerge with some crazy, unrealistic ideas, but with hard work and determination, they create their art which just started as a thought.

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