The Craziest Intersection On The Planet (12 Photos)

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This is the most self explanatory blog ever. These are images and the locations of the most ridiculous intersections in roads of all kinds. You won't soon see these everywhere. One has to wonder the circumstances that surround the intersection. Some are down right risky!

This One Takes The Cake!

The name is as long as this ridiculous highway itself. It's called the Parc Nus de la Trinitat in Barcelona Spain. It goes on forever!
This One Takes the Cake!

It's Magic Alright

In Wiltshire England, it looks like a magic sigil and it takes a magician to figure it out.
It's Magic Alright

Tom Moreland Madman?

Tom Moreland must have loved a Celtic knot because that's what the intersections that were names after him looks like. It's the interstate 85 and 285 in Atlanta.
Tom Moreland Madman?

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